Employees and society

Employee is the foundation of Nanyang to achieve development goals

Employee is the foundation of Nanyang to achieve development goals, Nanyang cable is committed to ensure the safety of working environment, component good employment environment, in order to protect our employees; we create high efficiency, easy to employees and care work atmosphere, improve employee's well-being and promote work/life balance; and we have established a strong safety culture, reduce security risks to the greatest extent, safeguard the health and safety of employees.

We strive to improve employee's work environment standards, to provide a safe and comfortable office environment for our employees, is not only beneficial to improve office efficiency, but also benefits to the raise of corporate brand image, working environment safety is the foundation of our health and safety with the staff, we pay attention to talent management and training, improve operation efficiency, promote employment, to make a contribution to the development of local society.

We actively participate in social public welfare activities, we believe that the long term success of the enterprise closely related to influential social activities; we promote the interaction between people and society better, promote better connect people and society. Employees are the best image spokesperson Nanyang cable, we encourage our employees to participate in and promote all kinds of social activities, contribute to social development.